7 Day Kilimanjaro Machame Route

Similar to the Lemosho route, the Machame route starts in the forest and ascends through the moorland, alpine, and artic climate zones.

7 Day Kilimanjaro Machame Route - Kilibound Adventures

When taking the Machame route you skip camping at the crater, and awake at the Barafu campsite at 12am on the 6th day to reach the summit by sunrise. After you summit, descend back down to Barafu camp for lunch, and continue down the mountain to Mweka camp.

The summit day trek can take anywhere from a total of 12 hours – 18 hours, so we only recommend this route to trekkers who feel very confident in their physical abilities. The advantage to this trek is that it is shorter and less expensive, however it is more physically demanding.

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